Our Team

Our Team

The Sayward Fire Department has a diverse team of dedicated volunteers with 20 active serving members.


Frank M - Chief, Firefighter

Stephen H - Deputy Chief, Firefighter, First Responder

Milo R - Lieutenant, Firefighter, Auto-X

Pat R - Safety Officer, First Responder, First Responder Trainer

Lois R - Safety Officer, First Responder

Firefighters & First Responders

John H - Firefighter, First Responder, Auto-X

Jenn McDonald - Firefighter, First Responder, First Responder Trainer

Tony L - Firefighter, Auto-X

Amanda S - Firefighter, First Responder

Steven B - Firefighter, Auto-X

David M - Firefighter, Auto-X

Jonathan K - Firefighter, First Responder

Michelle B - Firefighter

Cosmo S - Firefighter

Mitch V - Firefighter

Zack V - Firefighter

Carol L - Firefighter

Brad H - Firefighter

Cara C - Firefighter

Lexi C - Firefighter